Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences SOM Electives

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Action Course No Title Department Director
Display PSYU-4011Clinical Rotation Psychiatric Consultation -Liaison Service in Austin (Dell Seton Medical Center)Psychiatry & Behavioral SciencesBlair Walker, MD & Lauren Garapedian, MD
Display PSYU-4013Psychiatric Inpatient Service Elective at Seton Shoal Creek in AustinPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesGayle Ayers, M.D. and Gloria Oyeniyi, M.D.
Display PSYU-4018A/I Consultation & Inpatient Child Psychiatry in AustinPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesJessica Tsourmas M.D. and Julie Alonso-Katzowitz, MD
Display PSYU-4022Psychiatry Acting Internship in Austin (Seton Main)Psychiatry & Behavioral SciencesSmitha Murthy, MD
Display PSYU-4030Diagnosing Simply through Movies---Learning the DSM5—through popular films and TVPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesDerek Neal, MD
Display PSYU-4037Community Psychiatry in AustinPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesGayle Ayers, MD
Display PSYU-4038Acting Internship in a Psychiatric Inpatient ServicePsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesMichael Stone, M.D.
Display PSYU-4046Psychiatry and the CinemaPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesDerek Neal, MD
Display PSYU-4057Mental Health Recovery in Galveston-Houston AreaPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesDawnelle Schatte, MD
Display PSYU-4060Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Outpatient & Consult Psychiatry & Behavioral SciencesChris Thomas, M.D.
Display PSYU-4062Acting Internship: Consultation & Liaison PsychiatryPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesMichael Fuller, M.D.
Display PSYU-4063Acting Internship in Forensic PsychiatryPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesMichael Fuller, MD
Display PSYU-4064Psychiatry Preparation for Residency Bootcamp in Galveston AreaPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesDawnelle Schatte, MD
Display PSYU-4071Psychiatric DiagnosisPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesMichael Miller, MD
Display PSYU-4126Forensic Psychiatry at Jester IVPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesPhilip Farley, M.D.