Dermatology SOM Electives

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Action Course No Title Department Director
Display DERU-4002DermatopathologyDermatologyBrent Kelly, MD
Display DERU-4003Dermatologic Surgery and Cutaneous OncologyDermatologyRichard F. Wagner, MD
Display DERU-4006Acting Internship (AI) in DermatologyDermatologySharon Raimer, MD
Display DERU-4007Skin Diseases Depicted in FilmDermatologyRichard Wagner, MD
Display DERU-4008History of DermatologyDermatologyRichard Wagner, MD
Display DERU-4010Clinical DermatologyDermatologySharon Raimer
Display DERU-4011Skin Diseases in Modern World LiteratureDermatologyRichard Wagner, MD
Display DERU-4015Dermatology ResearchDermatologyRichard F. Wagner, MD
Display DERU-4016Dermatology ConsultsDermatologyBrent Kelly, MD
Display DERU-4017Skin Diseases in Novels and FilmsDermatologyRichard Wagner, MD, JD
Display DERU-4053Clinical Dermatology in AustinDermatologyAmmar Ahmed, MD
Display DERU-4054Clinical Dermatology in AustinDermatologyAmmar Ahmed, MD