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Action Course No Title Department Director Periods
Display ANEU-4005Acting Internship in AnesthesiologyAnesthesiologyAdam Wacher MD1-11 
Display ANEU-4014Acting Internship in Critical Care Medicine - Surgical and Neurosurgical Intensive Care UnitsAnesthesiologyWilliam Whitehead, MD, PhD1-11 
Display ANEU-4019 Acting Internship in Anesthesiology in AustinAnesthesiologyAdam Lipp, MDAll 
Display DERU-4006Acting Internship (AI) in DermatologyDermatologySharon Raimer, MD1-7 
Display FAMU-4001Acting Internship in Family MedicineFamily MedicineHammad Qureshi, M.D.1-9 
Display FAMU-4150Acting Internship in Family Medicine in AustinFamily MedicineDavid Wright, MDAll 
Display MEDU-4001A/I in Inpatient Internal MedicineInternal MedicineBernard Karnath, MD1-11 
Display MEDU-4021Acting Internship in the Medical Intensive Care UnitInternal MedicineGulshan Sharma, MD1-11 
Display MEDU-4036Acting Internship: Inpatient Internal Medicine in Austin Internal MedicineSherine Salib, MDAll 
Display MEDU-4052Acting Internship in Inpatient Internal Medicine in at The Methodist Hospital in HoustonInternal MedicineMarietta Clewing, MD1-13 
Display NEUU-4010Acting Internship in NeurologyNeurologyElena Shanina, MDAll 
Display NEUU-4051Acting Internship in Neurology/AustinNeurologyAnnie Tsui, M.D.All 
Display OBGU-4008Acting Internship in Maternal Fetal MedicineOB/GYNHassan Harirah, MD1-11 
Display OBGU-4013Acting Internship in GynecologyOB/GYNAna M. Rodriguez, MD1-11 
Display OBGU-4024A/I in Gynecologic OncologyOB/GYNGwyn Richardson, MD1-11 
Display OBGU-4031A/I in Robotic GynecologyOB/GYNKilic, Sami G.1-12 
Display ORSU-4012A/I in Orthopaedic Surgery-Pelvis/Hip/KneeOrthopaedic SurgeryKelly Stephenson, MD1-11 
Display ORSU-4013Acting Internship in Orthopaedic Surgery-PediatricOrthopaedic SurgeryDavid A. Yngve, M.D.1-11 
Display ORSU-4018Acting Internship in Orthopedic Surgery - Foot and Ankle SurgeryOrthopaedic SurgeryVinod Panchbhavi, MD1-11 
Display ORSU-4019A/I in Orthopaedic Surgery - TDC/TraumaOrthopaedic SurgeryJohn Hagedorn, II, MD1-11 
Display ORSU-4025A/I Orthopaedic Surgery - Hand/Upper Extremity SugeryOrthopaedic SurgeryJohn Faillace, MD1-11 
Display ORSU-4026A/I Orthopaedic Surgery - Sports MedicineOrthopaedic SurgeryJeremy Somerson, MD1-11 
Display ORSU-4027A/I Orthopaedic Surgery - General Ortho/Ortho TraumaOrthopaedic SurgeryMark A. Foreman, MD1-11 
Display OTOU-4002Acting Internship in OtolaryngologyOtolaryngologyHarold Pine, M.D.1-11 
Display PATU-4008Acting Internship: Autopsy ServicePathologyJudy Aronson, M.D.2-12 
Display PATU-4017Acting Internship: Surgical PathologyPathologyEduardo Eyzaguirre, MD, MD1-11 
Display PATU-4025Acting Internship in Transfusion Medicine/Blood BankingPathologyBarbara Bryant, MDAll 
Display PEDU-4001Acting Internship in Pediatrics - InpatientPediatricsAmy Gonzalez,M.D. 1-11 
Display PEDU-4005Acting Internship in Pediatrics-NeonatologyPediatricsTravis Billingsley, M.D.1-11 
Display PEDU-4024Acting Internship - Pediatric Chronic Care Rehabilitation PediatricsSusan M. Gerik, MD x223311-11 
Display PEDU-4034Acting Internship in Pediatrics-Inpatient-Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas in AustinPediatricsValli Annamalai, M.D.1-12  
Display PEDU-4037Acting Internship in Pediatrics-Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas in AustinPediatricsAlexandra Wilson, MDAll 
Display PEDU-4044Acting Internship—Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery in AustinPediatricsCatherine Sargent, MDAll 
Display PEDU-4053Acting Internship in Pediatric Hematology/OncologyPediatricsBarkat Hooda, M.D.1-11 
Display PEDU-4063Acting Internship in Pediatric Neurosurgery in AustinPediatricsTimothy M. George, M.D.1-11 
Display PEDU-4065A/I in Pediatrics- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Austin (Dell Children’s Medical Center)PediatricsKristy Hermann, MD1-11 
Display PSYU-4018A/I Consultation & Inpatient Child Psychiatry in AustinPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesJessica Tsourmas M.D. and Julie Alonso-Katzowitz, MD3-11 
Display PSYU-4038Acting Internship in a Psychiatric Inpatient ServicePsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesMichael Stone, M.D.1-11 
Display PSYU-4062Acting Internship: Consultation & Liaison PsychiatryPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesMichael Fuller, M.D.1-11 
Display PSYU-4063Acting Internship in Forensic PsychiatryPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesMichael Fuller, MDAll 
Display RADU-4023A/I Internship: Interventional RadiologyRadiologyEric Walser, MD1-11 
Display SURU-4003Acting Internship in General SurgerySurgeryWilliam Mileski, MD1-11 
Display SURU-4006Acting Internship in Surgery - Neurosurgery - ClinicalSurgeryJoel Patterson, MD1-11 
Display SURU-4008Acting Internship in Plastic SurgerySurgeryLinda Phillips, MD1-12 
Display SURU-4010Acting Internship in Surgery-Urology-ClinicalSurgeryJ. Nicholas Sreshta, MD1-11 
Display SURU-4016Acting Internship in Surgery-Transplant SurgerySurgeryKristene K. Gugliuzza, MD1-11 
Display SURU-4019Acting Internship in Surgery - TDCSurgeryWilliam Mileski, MD1-11 
Display SURU-4023Acting Internship in Intensive Care Burn Management for the Adult and Pediatric PatientsSurgeryJong O. Lee, MD1-11 
Display SURU-4025Acting Internship in Vascular SurgerySurgeryMichael Silva, MD1-11 
Display SURU-4032Acting Internship - General Surgery in AustinSurgeryJayson Aydelotte, MD1-11